Digital Photography

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It is wonderful to have pictures that you can look at in the years that follow your wedding, but if you're on a tight budget, then there are also other options for you. One of the main things to decide on when it comes to photography is what you want from your pictures. Do you want pictures of your whole family, mainly of the two of you and/or all the guests? If it a large or smaller wedding? You should sit down with your husband to be and list the pictures you would like to have taken, the kind of poses and what scenery you would like to include in the photo's. With this list, you will be able to see if you should invest in a professional photographer or consider other options.

Professional Photographers

Where do you want your wedding photo's taken? The length of time you would like the photographer to be at the wedding as well as the quantity of photo's will affect the price. Look at the photographer's other work to see if you like the way they photograph. If you don't, the photographer may recommend someone else. Ask friends who have recently gotten married who they used if you liked their pictures.

If you're on a budget and can't afford a professional photographer - you're in luck. With digital cameras these days, you have a better chance of getting good photo's. Have a good friend volunteer to take the pictures. Since digital cameras show you what the picture looks like instantaneously, you can take as many as you need in order to get the right ones. The quality is just as good as many professional photographers. Another way to get some interesting photo's is to place disposable cameras at every table. People love to take pictures of other people, so you'll get a lot of fun and interesting Photo's of your family and friends. As long as you get the wedding photo's that you want it doesn't't matter who takes the pictures. If you can afford a professional then that's great, but if not having a friend or relative take charge is just as good.